Slat Beds

Advantages of a Timber Slat Bed frame over an upholstered box base

Thursday, November 17, 2016

So, it’s come to the time to buy a new bed and if you’ve been anywhere near a bed store you’ll notice two completely different types of beds being presented.

Some mattresses will be presented on an upholstered box base and some will be shown on timber bed frames which usually incorporate a headboard.

The important thing to remember is that unless either option includes some form of specialist sleep technology their main function is to support the mattress off the floor at a height suitable for the consumer to use.

At East West Designs we believe there are also some significant advantages to be had from supporting your mattress on a wooden slat bed frame.

The first is that the spacing between the support slats allow for better air flow to the underside of the mattress. The benefit of that is the mattress being able to breathe easier than if on a closed in base and will promote a drier, healthier bed space.

The space under the bed can also be used for additional storage which can be especially useful in smaller bedrooms.

Beds such as our Signet and Cruise are specifically designed as small footprint products where the supporting frame is no bigger than the mattress size.

Speaking of smaller spaces, we often find that access to upper floors can be really tight in some homes. Timber slat bed frames are supplied in parts which can then be assembled in the room intended for use without the awkward and sometimes impossible handling of a box base.

A significant advantage of a timber slat bed is the way you can use it to help style your bedroom.

At East West, through our NZ Designs collection or our International selections, we offer a variety of designs all differing in styles, colours, timbers and finishes which provide you with real options to choose from.

From Contemporary designs such as Pinot, Copenhagen and Wynyard, Modern Classics such as Apollo and Cruise through to more traditional styles such as Wanaka we believe East West have an option that you can use to create your own personal space.

All of our timber slat beds have a range of bedroom furniture available to compliment the individual designs and provide excellent storage solutions for a modern bedroom.

Last but not least, if anything does go wrong in terms of damage, breakage or loss of parts with a timber slat bed then the individual component can usually be replaced and/or repaired and your look is restored.

If anything goes wrong with a box base it’s usually a throw-away and you need to get a new one.