You're in control

Using the latest in European slat technology, Pivotech® provides East West flexible slat beds with the ability to customise each side of the bed to suit individual needs. The Pivotech® slat housings (shoes) can be adjusted for firmness while still allowing the slats to move and align themselves with the curvature of your body.

Pivotech® is uniquely designed to provide adjustable postural support according to your height, weight and comfort requirements for each side of the bed. Because your side of the bed can be individually set, partner disturbance and roll together can be eliminated. Options like these allow you to control Pivotech® for an even better nights sleep.

Pivotech Plus

Pivotech® in its standard form provides firmness adjustments to suit almost all requirements. Some individuals however, do need additional support in certain parts of the bed. Pivotech® Plus caters for this by offering an optional extra support system. Extra support slats and fittings are provided which can easily be installed to either side of the bed to provide for individual requirements.

The placement of the components and the degree of extra support is completely variable to suit individual need. For most it will never be needed. For others, Pivotech® Plus will provide a perfect solution to a personal need. Talk to your bedding specialist about the ways you can use Pivotech® to create the ideal sleep environment for you.

Your choice of comfort level

East West Designs have carefully integrated the flexible slat concept with a range of bedroom options designed and crafted in New Zealand for today’s lifestyle. East West flexible slat beds give you many specially designed features to ensure a healthy and beneficial sleep. Twin sleep zones, Adjustable Slat Support and mattress comfort options create an environment for individual comfort and excellent postural support. Because you are unique, East west Designs provide a sleep system that enables you to customize your bed to suit you.

No good sleep system would be complete without a quality comfort layer in which you can rest, relax and revive. East West designs have three ranges of mattresses, specifically designed to enhance the performance of our flexible slat frames. Soft, medium and firm options are available, all designed to integrate with your chosen Pivotech® system.

Talk with your East West bedding specialist about our use of natural wool fibre, latex rubber and other comfort options that will suit your needs.

The tension is in your bed... not your body

You can enjoy the benefits of an East West sleep system as a result of each side of the bed operating independently, to provide the correct amount of support your body needs. The addition, if required, of an Adjustable Support System provides the flexibility to cater for a wide variety of differing body sizes and shapes.

When you invest in your ideal combination of flexible slat bed and mattress from East West Designs you can rest assured that your decision is backed by a dedicated team with an ongoing commitment to design quality and excellence.